Posted by: karascrumbs | April 8, 2012

Happy Easter (part 2)

It felt great to get in the kitchen and bake yesterday after a stressful week.   I made myself some pumpkin pie for my Easter dessert.  Actually, I decided to make it into bars instead of a regular pie.  Not sure why, it just appealed better to me that way.  It tastes just the same and is super yummy.  I added a small drizzle of coconut butter and two toasted pecans. Yum!

The pumpkin pie bar I enjoyed for dessert today while the rest of my family had s'more ice cream pie.

I love my mom.  There are so many reasons why I love my mom.  Her sense of humor is just one of those reasons.  Since I can’t eat all of the chocolate and candy, she has to come up with something else to fill my Easter basket with.  So I got four little items and one big item………

Yep, a fire extinguisher…….in my Easter basket.  I sat and read the directions right away so that if I ever have to use it (and let’s pray that I don’t) I will know how to.  Our oven is clean right now and I will make sure it stays that way; but I guess now I’m ready for the worse.  Thanks Mom!

So what did you get in your Easter basket??  I bet nothing as exciting as me!
Happy Easter!



  1. I hope she isn’t implying that you are a disaster in the kitchen and would actually need it. 🙂 I’ve read your recipes and I know that is not the case. A very thoughtful gift and only one that a mother can give without upsetting the receiver! One gift that you hope never to use. Just dust it occasionally.

  2. Oh and Happy Easter!

  3. I didn’t get any basket, but I sent a “random” box of goodies to Janice and Stephanie and ordered Omaha Steak stuff for Kenny! I HAD the most delicious lemon drop cookies from my favorite friend Kara. Thanks for the gift of yummy cookies! I have not shared any of them with anyone! Selfish maybe, but I’m worth the yum!

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