Posted by: karascrumbs | March 24, 2012

Cinnamon Bars

It sure is nice to have a clean oven and not have to worry about it catching on fire anymore.  Since my oven is back up and running, I was able to bake something yesterday.

Yesterday was my last day of class for this quarter.  I had a final exam and then got let out early.  So I had lots of time to come home and bake something (or two things for that matter).

One of my favorite breakfast treats used to be the cinnamon chip scone from Panera Bread.  However, I sadly can no longer eat them.  But I have been craving one for a few weeks now.  I tried to make a similar version about two weeks ago and they weren’t that good, so I didn’t post them.  But then I saw a recipe for cinnamon bars and although they sounded much different, I thought I would try the recipe before I winged it again on my own.  Let me start by saying that not everything I make is perfect.  Baking is a science and sometimes a recipe takes some experimentation to turn it into something good.  They aren’t the best thing I have made, but I still wanted to post them.  So I made these bars yesterday and at first I was highly disappointed.  I ate one cold after it was set and the texture was just horrible.  I tried heating it in the microwave and that made it worse.  It was really gummy.  Imagine a cake that was only baked for half the called for time; it’s somewhat cooked, but the inside is still gooey and gummy.  It doesn’t make for a good texture or taste.  But before throwing them away, I decided I didn’t have much to lose by baking them.  I didn’t think they could get much worse, but if baking didn’t help, then I would pitch them.  So I put them in the oven for 35min. and then tried one.  They were much better!  They almost tasted like a cinnamon scone.  I tried the baked version both room temperature and heated in the microwave and definitely preferred it heated in the microwave.  After this long process was all said and done, I ended up with a cinnamon scone-like bar.

Cinnamon Bars
original recipe came from
1/2 cup each almonds and walnuts, soaked
1 cup chia powder (you could prob. sub your favorite flour)
2 dates
1 cup shredded coconut
1/4 cup coconut oil
3 T. cinnamon
1 tsp. ginger
1 tsp. vanilla powder
water (possibly)

You can soak the nuts together for about 6 hours.  Then drain the water.
Add the nuts, dates, and coconut to a food processor and process until all is well crumbled.
Add the remaining dry ingredients and process until well mixed.
While processor is running, drizzle in coconut oil and process until a ball of dough forms.  You may need a little water depending on what type of flour you use.  I ended up adding about 3 T. water
Press the dough into an 8×8 pan.
Now you have two options:  you can refrigerate them until set and try them raw.  Or you can bake them in a 350 degree oven for 30-35min.  I think mine took 35min. because they were cold from the refrigerator.  Room temp. bars might take less time.
*I highly recommend you bake them.
Makes 9-12 bars


Will I make these again, probably not.  But they’re not too bad of a (baked) cinnamon bar as long as you aren’t expecting a real scone.  I’m not sure they will suffice as a breakfast bar on the days I go to class since I much preferred them warm, but I could have one for an evening treat.  I’ll soon be trying again to make a real cinnamon scone.


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