Posted by: karascrumbs | March 17, 2012

A science experiment and lesson learned

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

I have had a rather productive day.  However, not everything has been good productivity.  I did a few things this morning, did some homework, did some laundry, and after lunch had planned to bake something.  So I had some lunch and started to preheat the oven.  I walked away to gather my ingredients and supplies, came back to the oven to check the temperature on the oven, and noticed something out of the corner of my eye.  I looked down and through the oven door saw a fire!  My oven was on fire!!  I immediately turned off the oven and called my mom and asked if I should call 911.  She said to try the little extinguisher that was next to the oven.  I grabbed it, read the directions (not a good thing-it caused a delay that could have been worse), but was unable to make it work.  Luckily in that time lapse and by leaving the door closed the fire extinguished itself and I did not have to call 911.  I was very relieved.  So I called my mom back and said the fire put itself out.  I let the oven cool for a while and then spent about an hour cleaning it with my mom.  It looks really nice now and hopefully I should have no more fires.  I have no idea what caught on fire because anytime I make something that might make a mess, I put a tray beneath it to catch anything that might drip.  And from now on I will try to keep the oven cleaner and hopefully prevent any more fires.  So neadless to say, I didn’t get anything baked today.  I’m going to give the oven a day to air out and then try it again tomorrow.  I have had enough excitement for the day; I think maybe I’ll study and prepare for my final this coming week.

That’s right……it’s finals time.  I can’t believe I have been in classes for seven weeks already.  Time has flown by.  I have enjoyed two of my three classes, but am thankful my freshman studies class will be over on Tuesday.  I have to give a powerpoint presentation on Tuesday and turn in a paper.  The class is only pass/fail and I don’t get credit for it, so I can’t say I put a ton of effort into it.  Unfortunately it’s one of those classes that every student has to take.  Then on Thursday I have to give a demonstration speech with another classmate on how to make cake pops.  I’m not a fan of group projects and just hope that this one goes well.  And on Friday I have a final exam for my other class.  Luckily it is all multiple choice, so I’m not worried.  I am looking forward to next quarter because I will have my first kitchen class.  It’s a basic skills class so we won’t really be baking anything, but I’ll still be in the kitchen and get to wear my uniform.

So yes, I had an unintentional experiment today that confirmed a lesson I learned many years ago in science class:  if you prevent oxygen from reaching a fire, the fire will eventually put itself out.

Note to self: having a fire extinguisher sounds like a good idea, but you should know how to use it and be sure that it is going to work.  Reading directions while a fire is burning in front of you is not a good thing, serious damage could occur.  And not being able to pull the safety is just as bad.  So maybe I should invest in a new extinguisher; ours is really old and I can’t work it.  I pray I never have to use one though.

Was your St. Patty’s Day as exciting as mine?


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