Posted by: karascrumbs | March 7, 2012

Trail Mix in a jar

I’ve made pecan butter twice now and recently decided to make a batch of walnut butter to try something different.  I prefer the taste of walnuts to pecans, but when made into a butter, I preferred the pecans to the walnuts.  Interesting.  Then, I don’t know what sparked my mind, but I thought combining apricots with the walnut butter sounded like a good idea.  So I put some apricots into the food processor and pulsed them in with the walnut butter.  It was a good dip to eat by the spoon, but I also made some plain crackers to put it on.

Then that idea sparked another idea.  Why can’t I stir other things into a nut butter and make a whole concoction out of it?  And thus my trail mix in a jar was born.  I briefly considered what was typically in a trail mix: nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and sometimes chocolate(but not for me).  So I took a jar of roasted almond butter that I had and divided it in half.  I originally divided it in half because I didn’t think I wanted to make an entire jar’s worth.  Then once I started adding ingredients, my mind was going in two different directions.  So I was glad to have two half jars to work with.  In both halves I stirred pecan chips, shredded coconut, and flax seeds.  Into one jar I stirred chopped apricots and toasted pumpkin seeds and into the other jar I stirred chopped dates and a pinch of cinnamon.  At first I thought the pumpkin seeds would be a weird addition, but I tried just a few first and realized that they were quite yummy with the apricots.  I’ve been enjoying this by the spoonful, however, it also tastes good with some crackers.  It’s a great afternoon pick-me-up snack full of protein and just a hint of sweetness from the fruit.  It’s kind of like a meal in a jar.  My favorite is the apricot-pumpkin seed mix; however, the pinch of cinnamon was a great addition.  Cinnamon and almond butter go great together and so do cinnamon and dates.

I don’t know if I can really call this a recipe because I didn’t measure anything.  I just kept adding and stirring until it was what I liked.  So choose your ingredients and pour away.  A helpful hint: it is easier to stir the almond butter and mix in the ingredients if you microwave the almond butter for 45-60 sec. first.

Trail Mix in a Jar
almond butter
chopped nuts
shredded coconut
flax seeds
toasted pumpkin seeds
apricots, chopped
dates, chopped
cinnamon (optional: I used about 1/2 tsp. for 8oz/1 cup of butter)

Heat the almond butter in the microwave; but not too long, it can burn.  Stir in ingredients, one at a time, until you have your desired mix.  Enjoy!!  Try not to eat it all at once. 🙂

Apricot-Pumpkin Seed-Almond


I know, they look the same, but honestly, they are different.  And both so delicious!!

I also toasted up some of the fresh coconut that I have.  I put cinnamon on some pieces and left some pieces plain.  I preferred the pieces with cinnamon.  If you can’t tell, I looooooove cinnamon.  I put it on anything and everything.  It makes everything taste just a little bit better.


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