Posted by: karascrumbs | January 11, 2012

Paleo Pasta

When I started this blog, I really thought that I would just be sharing baked goods that I made.  Back in October, that’s about all I did make.  However, with the encouragement from others and my enjoyment of this blog, I have been experimenting more with cooking (real food that is) also.  I used to eat plain boring meals one after another of nothing but chicken and a vegetable, usually broccoli.  However, I have been adding more vegetables to my diet (hello brussels sprouts!!) and trying new things, like pasta.  Yep, you read that right, I said pasta.  You might be asking yourself how I can eat pasta with all of my diet limitations.  Well, I made this pasta out of a vegetable, summer squash to be exact.

I was never much of a pasta lover.  So when I had to get strick with my diet and give up pasta, I wasn’t very disappointed.  But like I said, I have been experimenting with cooking more. So today I set out to make zucchini ‘pasta” (well, actually, Walmart didn’t have zucchini, so I just used yellow summer squash; but both would work).  I know you can buy spaghetti squash, but it’s not anywhere near the same as home made.  They are different sizes and have different tastes.  Now, making this “pasta” would be easier if you have a mandolin.  I unfortunately don’t have one (yet, I think I might invest in one), so I cut the “pasta” strips by hand; a slightly tedious task, but it worked.  I would think a vegetable peeler would also work, but I don’t have one of those either, so I’m not promising anything.  Another reason why I wanted to make “pasta” is because I have this pesto sitting in my fridge calling my name.  I like pesto with chicken and broccoli, but I wanted something different.  So I decided to make “pasta” to put the pesto on.  Let me say, it was a tasy combination.

Paleo Pasta
summer squash
olive oil

First, slice the squash.  Either use a mandolin or slice it by hand into small thin, spaghetti like strips.  Cut away the parts with seeds; this part just falls apart and basically disintegrates when cooking
Place the strands into a collander and sprinkle generously with salt.  Let the “pasta” drain for about 30min.  This gets rid of the extra water so it won’t be as mushy.
Once the “pasta” has drained, heat olive oil in a skillet over medium heat.  Add “pasta” and saute for about 3-5 min., until just tender; not too long because you don’t want it mushy.
Season to taste and enjoy!

Squash "Pasta"

After it was cooked, I stirred in sliced chicken and pesto.  It made a yummy lunch!

Chicken and Pesto "Pasta"

I wasn’t really sure how to go about cooking this “pasta” at first.  Usually when I make summer squash, I saute it on the stove.  I love how the sugars carmalize and it gets browned.  So I decided to try the same method with the pasta.  And it worked.  It didn’t carmalize, but it still cooked and tasted good.  It actually cooked quickly since the slices were thin and I didn’t want them very mushy.

You can enjoy this “pasta” as any other normal pasta and top with tomato sauce,  alfredo, or whatever you like.  The only difference, this one is diet friendly: low carb, low cal, and paleo.  Enjoy!


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