Posted by: karascrumbs | November 29, 2011

Cake decorating: part 2

I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!
Do you have any special family traditions?  Did you get up early and go Black Friday shopping?  I certainly did.  I didn’t have anything special in mind that I wanted to get, I just wanted to go shopping with the crowds.  So I went out at 6am and had a lovely morning by myself.  Then I was joined by my friend to do more shopping.

While I was home, I did some holiday baking for my friends.  I couldn’t eat any of the things that I made, but everyone else enjoyed them.  The picture below is of the festive sugar basket cookies that I made.  They looked too festive not to share a photo.


Now on to slightly more exciting news.  I had another cake decorating class last night; however, it’s sad that it was my last class.  So I spent the day baking cupcakes and making frosting.  First we filled and iced the cupcakes.  Then we learned how to make a shaggy mum flower and a rose with frosting.  The shaggy mum isn’t hard, but it really doesn’t look like a flower (see the white thing below).  I think it looks more like the shaggy fur of a monster or something.  The rose is slightly challenging and takes patience and practice.  At the conclusion of the class we received a certificate for our completion of the class.  It was fun to take the class and I can’t wait to make more things that I can decorate.  I want to practice more.

Cupcake with icing

Cupcake with shaggy mum

Cupcake with rose


My certificate!

I think my Dad has enjoyed me taking the class.  He has gotten a chocolate cherry cake and a dozen cupcakes because of it!




  1. Keep on keeping on Kara…I tell my kiddos to “be a sponge”. Each new lesson is part of the adventure!

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