Posted by: karascrumbs | November 16, 2011

Cake decorating

I’ve been in the kitchen baking my entire life.  It’s something I have always enjoyed doing, especially with my mom.  But I have never really learned how to professionally decorate things.  I’ve always been intrigued by the fancy cakes and cupcakes.  Yes, I’ve watched my mom do it (and she is quite good), but I wanted to learn more.  So I decided to take a cake decorating class at JoAnn Fabrics this month.  This past Monday was the second class and I had to decorate a whole cake.

I had to show up with two, eight inch cakes, a ‘thin’ consistency frosting, and a ‘medium’ consistency frosting.  Because of my food limitations, I haven’t really been able to make a frosting that is pipe-able.  (Although, I recently created a frosting that I think will work and tastes great.  I’ll be posting the recipe sometime in the near future!)  So I decided it would be much easier to make the cake for my dad.  He asked for a chocolate cake with cherry filling and chocolate icing.  So I spent Monday baking and Monday night decorating.

The instructor was so impressed with how well my cake turned out.  It had a flat top and it was not crumbly or messy, both making it easier to frost.  Well, I do know to grease the pan to make it come out easily.  As for the flat top, I think I got lucky.  She was also very impressed with the consistencies of my frostings.  Well, I do know how to read a recipe.

So first I began by piping a wall of frosting around the top edge of one layer to hold in the filling.  I added the cherry filling to the center and put the other cake layer on top.  Then I covered the whole thing in frosting, making it as smooth as possible.  The instructor was impressed with how smooth I was getting it.  I said, “I’m kind of a perfectionist, so I could sit here and do it until it is perfect.”  But I stopped when it was good.  Then I made a template of a cupcake on wax paper using piping gel and transfered it to the top of the cake.  We didn’t have a choice in the design, it was given to us.  Then I colored some frosting and piped away.  I really enjoyed the piping.  It was fun.  I can’t wait to do more so I can get better at it.  I’m sure I’ll be doing lots more when I take my culinary classes.  If only the local college offered them this semester.  Very disappointing.  😦

In case you are wondering, my dad said the cake tastes amazing and is very moist.  That would be due to the fact that I bought a Duncan Hines Super Moist cake mix, added an extra egg (a tip from the instructor), and under baked it by five minutes (my own good knowledge).

I have one decorating class left, so I’m sure I’ll post some pictures of my creations from that class.  Stay tuned at the end of the month!

I’ll be traveling around for the next several days, but I’ll be back with a post early next week before Thanksgiving.  I better go finish packing now.  I needed a break because packing clothes and food takes planning and time.


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